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Citi Housing Kharian is an innovative and state-of-the-art housing project located in the prime location of Kharian. Citi Housing Kharian has a vision of planning and constructing your dreams and bringing your imaginations to life with their expertise and exemplary work. Citi Housing Kharian is an amazing project by none other than Citi Housing Group, which has been working in real estate market of Pakistan for a while now and has successfully been delivering to the people around Pakistan.

Mission & Vision:

Citi Housing Groups’ vision is very clear and simple i.e. to provide a luxurious lifestyle with gold standard living. Citi Housing Group has a team of highly professional and qualified individuals whose aim is not just to provide a high level living but also to focus on giving a wonderful experience to their customers, provide an easy investment process and reduce the lengthy procedures. Moreover, Citi Housing Group’s primary mission to provide superior development standard with world class amenities and flawless residential space.

 More about Citi Housing Group:

Citi Housing Group is owned by Amer Malik, a prominent figure in the real estate market and someone, many people look up to. Amer Malik’s vision is to provide exciting and distinctive residential lifestyle opportunities to enrich the standard of living in the country. Citi Housing Group has a portfolio that only states their successes and nothing less. Citi Housing has become an icon of reliability and diversity over the years with the number of various projects that they have delivered. Investors of real estate have a special trust on Citi Housing Group which makes them invest their hard earned money in their projects without having any second thoughts.

The projects successfully delivered by Citi Housing Group are located in different part of the country and it include;

  • Citi Housing Faisalabad
  • Citi Housing Jhelum
  • Citi Housing Gujaranwala
  • Citi Housing Multan
  • Citi Housing Sialkot

Citi Housing Group continues to deliver holistic real estate solutions with its new project introduced, called Citi Housing Kharian. There is no wonder that Citi Housing Group will ensure to make Citi Housing Kharian another big success to be written in their wonderful portfolio.


Citi Housing Kharian is under the umbrella of Citi Housing Group which is not just a big name but has done wonders in real estate world before as well. Citi Housing Group will make sure to build and develop Citi Housing Kharian in an innovative way like never seen before in the city of Kharian.

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