Ring Road Rawalpindi Interchanges - Trust Mark

Rawalpindi Ring Road is a huge project in proceedings to avoid the congestion caused on roads due to heavy traffic.  Ring Road Rawalpindi was recently awarded to FWO and was also formally inaugurated by Imran Khan and the official route for it i.e. 38.3 km long road that will start at National Highway (N-5) at Baanth and will cross through Chakbeli Road, Adiala Road, Chakri Road and will be terminating at the Motorway (M-2) at Thallian Interchange was also approved.

Now, to discuss the different interchanges and the projects that is surrounding Rawalpindi Ring Road. The 5 different interchanges include;

  • Banth Interchange N-5
  • Chakbeli Interchange
  • Adyala Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Thalian Interchange

Banth Interchange is the opening of Rawalpindi Ring Road and it does not have any housing projects in its surrounding as it is an industrial, non-construction area. Moving on, the second interchange, Chankbeli Interchange has 3 housing projects in its surroundings that will get benefit, including Forest Town, Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, DHA Phase 2 and DHA Phase 3 and Chakbeli Interchange is also directly connected to T-chowk as well. 3rd interchange on Rawalpindi Ring Road is Adyala Interchange and the housing projects in its surroundings include PIA Cooperative Housing Society which is a NOC Approved, semi-government real estate project. Another interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road is Chakri Interchange the projects in its surrounding are; Al-Haram City and Kahmir Model Town. Last but not the least, a very important interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road, Thaliyan Interchange, that has numerous housing projects around it, these projects include; Taj Residencia, CBR Phase 2, Mumtaz Town, Faisal Town,Airport Enclave, Capital Smart City, Blue World City and Kingdom Valley.

All the above projects are depending upon Rawalpindi Ring Road to make it easy for their investors and members to access different parts of the twin cities easily and all these projects will be heavely benefited from the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road.