Rawalpindi Ring Road Inauguration - Trust Mark

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and the public has all the eyes on its proceedings. Rawalpindi Ring Road is not just going to be a huge project but will also bring ease and convenience to many.

Rawalpindi Ring Road is going to be 38.3 km long road that will start at National Highway (N-5) at Baanth and will cross through Chakbeli Road, Adiala Road, Chakri Road and will be terminating at the Motorway (M-2) at Thallian Interchange. The giving route will help reduce the traffic jams and will cater will all the traffic issues arising lately.

Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the above route for Rawalpindi Ring Road considering the congestion caused on the roads of the city.

Rawalpindi Ring road will open the doors of many opportunities for the residents of the twin cities as well as the people incoming from other cities. The biggest advantage of the Ring Road other than the betterment of the traffic situation, would be related to the real estate sector as many housing societies are now launched in the vicinity of New Islamabad Airport, which seems to be a little farther away from the main city and its facilities, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will make the access to all the housing societies easy and hassle free which will boost up the real estate market of the twin cities.

The tender for Rawalpindi Ring Road was given out and many firms had pitched in to get this huge project. However, two companies NLC and FWO were finalized and one of them was expected to get the project eventually. On the 17th of March, 2022 Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) announced the immense news of the project of Rawalpindi Ring Road to be awarded to Frontier Work Organization (FWO) and the contract had been signed with the concerned authorities. The chairman of RDA stated that FWO was the lowest bidding firm, with the bid of Rs. 300 million less than the estimated amount for the project.

FWO is a well reputed, military engineering firm that has built some very well-known projects in the past, out of which Kartarpur Corridor, Karakoram Highway, Islamia College University Peshawar and Kabul River Bridge etc are just some of their many astonishing projects.

With the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project being awarded to FWO, the expectations of its excellence have raised.


Rawalpindi Ring Road, after the signing of the contract with FWO, also got inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, in an inauguration ceremony that took place on 19th March, 2022 at Thaliyan Interchange.

Now, after the Rawalpindi Ring Road project being under the supervision of FWO and the foundation being lay down, the most anticipated and most awaited project of the twin cities is all set to be built.