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Pakistan Day

23rd March plays a significant role in the history of Pakistan and its birth. Pakistan Day is celebrated every year on the 23rd of March by all the Pakistani citizens and overseas Pakistanis to acknowledge the struggles of our ancestors and show respect and empathy towards our beloved country.

The Two Nation Theory:

It was a well thought theory presented by the All India Muslim League of British India which stated that it was not possible for people with two different beliefs and religions to live together as one nation. The theory has always been proved right even after decades of it, that Muslims and Hindus living together will only bring riots and violence and never peace. The Two Nation Theory was just another step forward towards getting independence and it had brought a lot of impact in the process as it clarified many misunderstandings and the fact why Muslims need a separate nation of their own to protect their own respective ideologies.

Significance of 23rd March:

On 23rd March 1940, a resolution was passed in favor of Muslims of British India after a long standing struggle. The resolution declared that Muslims of the subcontinent do need a separate homeland, a land of their own where they can breathe, live and practice their beliefs openly and unapologetically.

The Lahore Resolution, now known as Pakistan Resolution was passed in the then Minto Park in the presence of All India Muslim League leaders who had put their heart and soul in making it happen. The Pakistan Resolution Day is also the day when Pakistan had adopted its first constitution on 23rd March, 1956 which makes this day even more important as Pakistan was transitioned from Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Landmark for Pakistan Day:

In remembrance of this big achievement and to commemorate the event of passing of Pakistan Resolution, a landmark of 60 m tall shape of a minaret was built in the then Minto Parks, now known as Iqbal Park, Lahore. The landmark is famously known as Minar-e-Pakistan and every year on the 23rd of March, a huge celebration takes place to remember the success and work of all those whose blood and sweat has given us the beloved and independent nation.

Pakistan Day Celebrations:

Grand celebrations take place every single year on the 23rd of March all around Pakistan and outside of Pakistan in the spirit of patriotism and out of love for our country. The biggest highlight of the Pakistan Day celebration is the military and civilian parade that takes place in the Capital of the country, Islamabad in presence of the entire senior government and military personnel to pay tribute to Pakistan, the founder of the country Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and all those who sacrificed in the name of independence of Pakistan.

On this day, we wish everyone a very Happy Pakistan Day.

Long Live Pakistan!