Nova One Lahore Urdu Point - Trust Mark

Nova One Lahore is going to be the first ever highest and tallest business center of Punjab and second in Pakistan. Nova One is open to numerous opportunities for investors from all around the country. Nova One is going to be 45 stories tall building with eco-friendly technologies and a modern day architecture speaking volumes for its uniqueness and exclusivity. Nova One is all set to make a mark in business market of the country. In an interview by Urdu Point, M.D TrustMark Real Estate & Marketing answered some important questions and gave a little insight of what Nova One is and what to expect from it.

Q: Nova One is going to be the biggest building of Punjab and second biggest in Pakistan, but what really is Nova One?

A: Nova One is a project of Nova Group and is going to be a revolutionary project not just for Nova Group but for entire Punjab and its making the real estate market to enter in a whole new horizon. Pakistan, in its entire history has seen many real estate projects but hardly any project has a unique vision like Nova One. Nova one is not just going to be an elite standard residential project but its 45 stories tall building is also eco-friendly with many business opportunities to offer. Considering the global warming and increase of pollution especially in Lahore, there are no policies being made or implemented in this regard but Nova One is not just offering high class amenities but also providing environment friendly surroundings with hanging gardens and much more.

Q: Nova One is going to 45 Stories tall, what is unique about it and what does it have to offer?

A: Nova One will have different living and business opportunities to offer. The starting few floors will be dedicated to incredible shopping mall with enormous national and international brands, then a few floors above the shopping mall will be dedicated to corporate offices, offices with big names from not just Pakistan but around the world will open there branches in Nova One.

Q: A big name of Bahrain is set to open a five star hotel in Nova One, what is it going to be like and whose the person behind it?

A: In my opinion, it’s a huge thing that even the international investors trust Nova Group enough to invest in Nova One, Sheikh Nasiru Naeemi of Bahrain will introduce Grand Hayat Hotel in Nova One. The MOU for this five star Grand Hayat Hotel has been signed. If you look at how diverse just one building could be that it has everything one could need just under one roof. Nova One is taking a great initiative towards making Pakistan a safe and well equipped place for international body of businesses to work in.

Q: A well-famed and architectural expert of Italy is building Nova One, who are they and how long will it take to complete this Project?

A: A well-known name of Italy as well as second best in the business of architecture in Europe, Professor Dr. Markus Casamonte is now on board to make Nova One into a reality. The building is exquisitely designed with a modern and Italian touch to it that will catch many eyes.

Q: How can you be approached? And how can overseas Pakistanis invest in Nova One?

A: Local and Overseas Pakistanis both can contact us through the given numbers and can become a part of this mind blowing project soon.

Q: What is different about Nova One comparative to other projects?

A: Nova One is going to be a huge landmark not just for Lahore but for entire Pakistan. Nova One is different from other projects in numerous ways like its offering various international shopping brands in its shopping mall, international and national corporate offices will be built here, Grand Hayat Five Star Hotel will open its doors for one of a kind’s experience, luxurious residential opportunities and the cherry on the top is that Nova One will also have a Helipad at its top. Another plus point of Nova One is that it’s planned and designed by Professor Dr. Markus Casamonte. Nova One is also easily accessible as its located on a prime location of Lahore, i.e. Kalma Road which is going to be the next biggest business hub of Pakistan. Nova One will be 45 Stories tall with 18 Kanal of land designated to it. Nova One also has a payment plan of 4 years to make it easy for all the investors. Nova One is without a doubt, a huge step ahead in the business sector of Pakistan.

Q: Many real estate projects are not delivered on time as promised, do you think Nova One will be delivered on time?

A: Absolutely yes, I see Nova One being built, up and running on the promised time because first of all, this project is being look out by Central Business District (CBD) Authority and will make sure its timely and up to the standard delivery. As Nova One has a 4 years payment plan, it is also expected to be delivered within that time so the possession of the property can be easily given to the investors.