Nova One Details - Trust Mark

Nova One is going to be the tallest building of Punjab and soon will be the tallest building in all Pakistan. It is going to be 45 floors tall building with exquisite Italian and modern architecture but what exactly will these 45 floors have?

Nova One is not going to be restricted to just either residential or commercial use but will be used in both ways. Nova One will have its first 6 floors entirely dedicated to commercial use only. These 6 floors shopping mall will have all sorts of national and international brands in it. These 6 floors of shopping mall will be 18 Ft. tall whereas, the rest of the floors will be 12 Ft. tall. Then, the next 5 floors after the shopping mall will be dedicated to corporate offices, planned and designed on an international standard. The clients of corporate offices will be facilitated with separate dedicated parking lots and lifts for their ease and better work flow. Moreover, next 16 floors are dedicated for residential purposes. Nova One will have 16 floors with luxurious and world class, smart apartments for the investors to have an experience like never before. Next 6 floors are dedicated to an international standard five star hotel. The first ever branch of Grand Hayat Hotel in Pakistan is being introduced by Sheikh Nasiru Naeemi of Bahrain in Nova One. The last few floors will be built as Penthouse to give an exquisite look and experience to the visitors and investors. Last but not the least; Nova One will also have a roof top helipad. In addition to all these prodigious things that Nova One has to offer, its also going to have a 4 floors apart from the 45 floors of the building, entirely dedicated for parking purpose. It will be a 4 floors basement parking lot to accommodate as much vehicles as possible.

Nova One is not just going to be a tall building but will also be one of its kind in Pakistan.