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New Metro City Gujar Khan had announced its early bird balloting ceremony to take place on 20th August, only two months after the launch of the project. The event was glamorously hosted and well-managed and what came as a shock to many was the turnout at the event.  The crowd on investors in early bird balloting was huge which showed how successful the project has been in a short span of time. However, some investors showed concerns after the event so let’s discuss what went down at the New Metro City Gujar Khan Early Balloting Ceremony.


Limited balloted plots:

New Metro City Gujar Khan management had earlier announced that the balloting will be done for only a limited number of plots in Block A which meant, only the lucky investors will get a balloted at the event. But, many realtors and property dealers had not conveyed the exact message to the investors which resulted in the investors paying the full amount and getting disappointed later. The management of New Metro City Gujar Khan has been considerate towards all the investors from the beginning and does not keep them in dark. A total of around 21,000 files were booked and closed by the investors out of which only around 1500 to 2000 lucky one’s had their files balloted at the early bird balloting event.

Unfair Balloting:

Many clients and investors also questioned the process of balloting and its transparency. TrustMark Real Estate & Marketing being the Platinum Sales partner of New Metro City Gujar Khan, contacted the authorities and upon questioning they denied the rumor of “Unfair Balloting” and ensured that the balloting was done through digital means which leaves no question of unfairness.

Balloting of Block A, Block B & Block C of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

As the New Metro City Gujar Khan’s management understands the concerns of the investors, the authorities have announced a special balloting ceremony for all the existing members who could not get a chance at getting their files balloted. The special balloting ceremony will take place in September, 2022 with LIMITED PLOTS ONLY.

Moreover, another balloting event will take place in early December, 2022 for Block B of New Metro City Gujar Khan where all the booked and closed file holders will be able to try their luck and get their plots balloted. Then, in late December, 2022, another balloting event will take place for Block C of New Metro City Gujar Khan for the remaining file holders.

*Balloting will be done digitally & on limited number of plots only*


To compensate and to make the investors happy, BSM Developers announced the balloting of 2 more blocks in New Metro City Gujar Khan and have also cleared the air about unfair early bird balloting. New Metro City Gujar Khan is always ready to serve what they promise.

Are you going to try your luck in the next balloting process?


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