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New Metro City Gujar Khan is a state-of-the-art housing project away from the city life being built by the famously known BSM Developers. Being an innovative and extravagant residential project, New Metro City Gujar Khan is setting new milestones for the others to achieve by hosting the Early Bird Balloting so soon after its pre-launch. Do you know the details about Early Bird Balloting?

Balloting Date:

Early Bird Balloting of New Metro City Gujar Khan will take place on 20th August, 2022, which is just two months after the pre-launching rates were introduced and surely a milestone set by the society. Ordinarily, Early Bird Balloting takes place after at least a year or until 40% to 50% amount is paid but lucky for the investors, New Metro City Gujar Khan has no such policy for Early Bird Balloting.

Policy for Early Bird Ballot:

New Metro City Gujar Khan has introduced a special policy for Early Bird Balloting. The policy states that the investors, who submit their forms before the 19th of August i.e. a day before the ceremony, can avail the chance to be a part of Early Bird Balloting and get a plot in Block A which is going to be the most prime block of the society. The policy also states that no balloting amount is required to be paid prior to the balloting and an installment plan will be released after the balloting to accommodate the investors accordingly and the plot numbers will also be allotted soon after the ceremony.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Early Bird Ballot will, however might not be able to put up with all the file holders/ investors as the number of forms submitted are expected to be much more than the plots available in Block A. Considering this, the ones left out will have the opportunity to get a plot in the next block which will be introduced soon.

What is special about Block A?

New Metro City Gujar Khan Block A is a special and premium block with numerous facilities available. Block A will be located closest to the main gate/ main boulevard which will give it an edge over other blocks in terms of location. In addition, Block A is also expected to have a glow park and miracle garden which will add up to its beauty and worth. Moreover, New Metro City Gujar Khan Block A being the most finest block will also have more potential of profit in the near future and the investors will enjoy high profits in a short span.



New Metro City Gujar Khan Early Bird Ballot taking place on 20th August, 2022 will open many new doors of opportunity and profit for all the investors and will also give a chance to the lucky ones to live in the most anticipated block of the society.


So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and submit your forms now.

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