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Lahore Smart City is a technology driven, smart housing project of Pakistan with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Lahore Smart City is growing and developing fast with each passing day and looking at the pace of the development, it is expected to be delivered on time as promised. Lahore Smart City is already stepping towards their initial delivery phase now which is a great news for all investors. The possession process of Sector A and Sector B is divided into 2 phases in order to accommodate maximum number of people.

1st Phase of Possession:

Lahore Smart City will be giving possessions to the people, who have paid 100% money for the booked plots BEFORE 19th January, 2022. These people will be getting leverage over others and will get to choose their own plots in Lahore Smart City. 1st phase of Possession in Lahore Smart City will start from 6th June, 2022 to 17th June, 2022.

2nd Phase of Possession:

Next in line, the people who have paid 100% money for the booked plots in Lahore Smart City AFTER 19th January, 2022 will be able to choose their own plots from the map provided, in the 2nd phase of possession. Moreover the 2nd phase of possession will begin on 20th June, 2022 and end on 1st July, 2022.

All the possession of the plots in both the phases will be given on the basis of first come; first serve and Lahore Smart City will be trying its best to accommodate as many members as possible with what they wish for.


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Lahore Smart City is moving fast towards its final deliverance and in order to satisfy its clients, it is going to be giving possessions in Sector A and Sector B which are fully developed sectors of Lahore Smart City now. The two phases of possession process will make sure the maximum number of people get the plots of their own choice and enjoy the leverage of full payment for their booked plots. Lahore Smart City will be announcing more possession of more sectors in near future as well.


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