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Capital Smart City is a luxurious and smart housing project with nature and aesthetically pleasing environment. Capital Smart City has made several promises ever since its launch and has come up to all expectations and continues to do so. Capital Smart City is not just any housing society but it is a housing project with smart living concept and a world class infrastructure but what really is the future of Capital Smart City?

What to Expect?

Capital Smart City has been doing exceptionally well in terms of development, so far and has achieved many milestones but there is still more to expect from it. The most vital and significant part of Capital Smart City is its concept of Smart living and that milestone is yet to be achieved. In addition, the investors can also expect a hike in the rates and profits simultaneously in near future as Capital Smart City takes a leap towards its delivery phases. Capital Smart City is also introducing another luxurious residential project called One Capital Residences that offers different sizes of smart apartments with eco-friendly environment and breath taking views of Crystal Lake.

Furthermore, Capital Smart City will be completing its balloting process soon and the members can build their dream homes in their dream surroundings very soon. Capital Smart City will also be giving the residents to pay all their dues through E-Payment within the comfort of their homes. The Capital Smart City authorities have also promised to begin vegetable farming and livestock farming within the premises of society to benefit the society and its residents with pure and organic products.

The commercial areas of Capital Smart City will increase the employment ratio in the society and will also provide the residents with all kinds of facilities within the society.


Milestones Achieved:

Capital Smart City has breakthrough several milestones and some of its biggest achievements include its early NOC approval by Capital Development Authority (CDA). The NOC Approval of any housing project determines its future and we can already see the future of Capital Smart City bright and smart. Furthermore, Capital Smart City also got the approval from NHA for its dedicated interchange from M2 Motorway. The M2 Motorway dedicated interchange will make the accessibility of Capital Smart City easier and the cherry on top is that the construction of this interchange will be done by Capital Smart City itself. In addition, Capital Smart City has also given the possessions of most of its blocks and the balloting process of most of the blocks is also completed however, some blocks are left but the balloting process for them will also be completed soon. Likewise, the Capital Smart City development work is also in full swing and most of its land is also developed. As most of the promises were fulfilled on time, the promise of Capital Smart City’s delivery will also be fulfilled.


Capital Smart City is the best option to invest your money as it has achieved many milestones and still has a long way to go and fulfill all the promises of smart living and the track record of the society shows that the society will not disappoint its members at any cost and will deliver everything as promised.

Do you think the future of Capital Smart City, Smart?


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