Five Best Societies in Islamabad - Trust Mark

Real Estate sector in the twin cities has a lot potential to flourish soon. There are numerous housing projects, both approved and non-approved, in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and all these projects seems to be doing well in the market as the need for land in terms of residential and commercial use is only increasing with every passing day. But not every project is worth investing in. The most important aspects to look at before investing in any real estate project include its legal status, location, availability of basic life necessities and the developers.

To make your investment worthwhile and to get high profits, you need to invest in the best projects possible and we have listed the Top 5 Best Housing Societies in Islamabad to invest in.

  1. Bahria Town Phase 8 & Phase 8 Extension:

 Bahria Town is a famous and most prestigious name in the real estate market for years. Bahria Town recently introduced its Phase 8 and Phase 8 Extension which has made a wave in the market as the demand for it increases every day. Bahria Town has set a milestone for others to achieve in terms of design and planning of infrastructure. Bahria Town Phase 8 is an affordable comparative to other phases of Bahria Town, it is also build on a height which gives an eye catching view and adds up to its beauty. Bahria Town Phase 8 is mostly developed and people are also residing in it however, Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is fully developed yet. Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is also a very good option to invest as it will be giving high profits in the near future.

  1. Park View City:

Park View City is modern housing project with contemporary infrastructure with breathtaking views of Margalla Hills in its surroundings. The Location of Park View City is a stealer as no other housing project in the twin cities has hills around it and is also easily accessible from all the important sites of the city. Park View City is a gated community with wide roads and Main Boulevard with luxurious houses. Park View City is also a good option to invest as it has proved to give high ROI in the past and its developers and owners not only promises but also delivers on time.

  1. Gulberg Greens:

Gulberg Greens, as the name depicts, is a green, clean and eco-friendly housing project of Islamabad with a prime location near Islamabad Expressway. It is also a NOC Approved society. The development work in Gulberg Greens is very fast and people have already started residing in it. Gulberg Greens aims to provide luxurious living and a dream life to all its residents. Gulberg Greens also has a huge commercial area allowing numerous businesses to work in the biggest commercial hub comparative to any other housing society.

  1. Nova City:

Nova City is a dynamic and modern real estate project of Islamabad. It is a NOC Approved project with a lot of potential and aims to provide high profits in a short period of time. Nova City Islamabad is very affordable to invest in. Nova City is located on the face of Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC Route which makes its accessibility to the twin cities easy and hassle free.

  1. Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City is the first ever smart city to be introduced in Pakistan. There are many reasons to invest in Capital Smart City like; It is owned and developed by the well-known Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd, a company that has hard earned name and reputation by delivering quality product on time. Another reason to invest in capital Smart City is its easy accessibility to Ring Road, M2 Motorway, Islamabad International Airport and other important parts of the city. Capital Smart City is going to set a mark for its uniqueness and extraordinary features. The demand of Capital Smart City is on peak as it promises not just timely delivery but also high returns on your investments and a living experience apart from any other housing project.


Choosing any of these housing societies for your investments will only result in high profits and you will be given the best living space and environment for your dream life.