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Real estate investment always turns out to be highly rewarding and profitable and that is the reason people like to invest in it be it short term or long term investment. The two things that are mostly invested in real estate are Apartments and Plots. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages however, both ensure profits and high return on investment. Find out which is better in between Apartment and Plots?


Today’s urban and modern world with increasing population is moving towards vertical living as it seems to be a better option. Apartment living has always been appreciated more as it accommodates more number of people in a limited space. Like everything else, investing in Apartments has its pros and cons, some of which we have listed below;



Apartments are a good option for investment if you want to get rents out of it right away as they are delivered to you fully constructed and you can start living in it or use it for rental purpose. Moreover, there is more value appreciation for apartments. Another advantage of investing in an apartment is the higher resale value and a broader customer base.



Everything that benefits you also comes with some drawbacks; similarly, investment in apartments has some downsides as well.  An apartment demands a high initial payment which means that you will have to pay high value for investing in an apartment. Furthermore, apartments are an asset that allows more negligible diversification and complicated valuation.



Plots have always been highly in-demand real estate property that have always been a choice of the people who like to build their own homes. Investing in plots also comes with its advantages and disadvantages and we have listed them down for you;



Investing in the plots is considered to provide a higher capital appreciation rate comparative to apartments. Plots are also said to be a safe investment as the demand for plots increases more every day. A plot gives the owner a freedom of building whatever they want, however they want without any restrictions.



Investment in plots has its own disadvantages. Unlike apartments, plots cannot be rented out as it is and something is required to be constructed on it first in order to rent it out. In addition, the construction cost on plots is higher and might cross your estimated budget. It also takes longer in plots to acquire land. Investing in plots is not a good option if you are looking to start a living right away or want to get rentals soon.




Investing in any real estate project only results in high returns however, every product has its own pros and cons and it depends on the investors to invest their money according to their needs and requirements.


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