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One Capital Residencies is a multi-purpose residential and commercial project located in the heart of Capital Smart City. One Capital Residencies was recently launched by Capital Smart City in order to introduce vertical living and sustainable life, build with modern architecture and latest technologies. One Capital Residencies is a NOC Approved residential and commercial project with different sizes of luxurious apartments available in affordable prices. The project will be as mesmerizing as it sounds but what other aspects make it worth investing in? Let’s find out.

Developer & Master Planner:

Planning and development of any project holds great importance, similarly, the developer and the planner of any projects either makes it or breaks it. Fortunately, One Capital Residencies is being built under the umbrella of none other than Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd, one of the biggest name of development world in Pakistan who has developed various projects in Pakistan and is also developing Capital Smart City. HRL has collaborated with a Spain based architectural firm, Arquivio Architects, to plan, design and execute the idea of vertical living in Pakistan as One Capital Residencies.


One Capital Residencies is specially built keeping in mind the environment and atmosphere. 1,60,000 square foot will be dedicated green area in One Capital Residencies and in addition, terrace gardens will also be made to add up to the serenity and eco-friendly environment. Moreover, Crystal Lakes will also make flowing through the place with fountains to give the place a striking and natural look. The idea of eco-friendly and lush green environment draws more attention of people towards One Capital Residencies.

Safety & Security:

In today’s world, where security and safety is considered a privilege, One Capital Residencies makes sure that all kinds of security and safety is provided to its residents. One Capital Residencies will have full time security surveillance through CCTV cameras and it also aims to provide safe environment for kids to play around and elders to go out without the fear of their lives and belongings.


One Capital Residencies will have all the smart features that Capital Smart City will be offering but in addition to that it will also have following facilities;

  • Uninterrupted Gas, Electricity and Water Supply
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shopping area
  • Kids play area
  • 24/7 Security
  • Smart Features of a Smart City
  • Lifts
  • Spacious Apartments


One Capital Residencies is going to be a city within a city with magnificent views, all basic life facilities and smart amenities, excellent location and a dream place to reside in. One Capital Residencies is everything that you desire.


Are you going to invest in One Capital Residencies considering all the given reason to invest in it?


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