Smart City is a concept of multi-purpose living using latest technologies. A Smart City is basically a technologically contemporary city that is urbanizing through the use of modern equipment and techniques. But the question arises what is really smart in smart cities?

There are numerous features that make a city or society Smart and updated and some of these smart features are listed bellow;

  • Smart Command & Control

The Smart Command and Control centre works as a brain of the smart city which controls all the activities in the society. Command & Control Centre will be working in different domains like taking complaints, keeping an eye on all and any events conducted, traffic control etc through an application.

  • Smart Safety

Technology can be used to make a society crime-free and peaceful. The Smart Safety feature in Smart Cities ensures the security and safety of the residents through CCTV cameras that you can have access to 24/7 and through the use of Artificial Intelligence, these cameras can also identify what the subject in the recording is identified as, moreover, in case of any suspicious activity, command & control centre will be immediately informed automatically.

  • Smart Transport

Traveling and commuting is important in any society but how can it be smart? Smart Transport in Smart Cities will have transport tracking system to track the vehicles; a rotary parking system is also introduced to make resolve the paring issue. In addition, smart city also has electric bikes for the residents in order to make commute around the society easy and hassle free.

  • Smart Economy

Smart Economy in Smart City includes smart retail, farming, livestock sheds etc. Smart Economy is important for betterment of any society and in this case, smart cities make sure to increase the employment and to provide as much jobs as possible. Similarly, Smart Cities also have 33% of there land dedicated to growing crops in order to provide low-cost eatables to the residents of the society as well as to supply it around the country to improve the economy.

  • Smart Energy

Smart Energy in Smart City refers to smart water management, air quality monitoring, Smart waste system and automated humidifier etc. In addition, Smart Cities also tend to produce energy through smart windmills and Solar Panels to provide uninterrupted electricity to the society.

  • Smart Health

Smart Cities will have smart health care systems with walk-in clinics, quick ambulance services etc. Smart Healthcare system will record the patient’s appointments and medical history for future references, modern and latest healthcare machines and technologies will be used to treat the patients in hospital of the Smart City.

  • Smart Education

Education for any society’s betterment is very important, similarly, Smart City will have a Smart Education system with various smart and tech-friendly educational institutes built to educate your children in a world-class learning environment. Smart Education system will have school bus tracking system, effective online tutoring system and smart day care system in order to make the educational institutes a better place for learning and grooming.

  • Smart Living

Smart Living however covers all the smart features but specifically smart living in smart city gives the residents of the city an opportunity to live their lives in a smart and easier way. Smart Living in Smart City will consist of Smart Security, Free Internet Services, E-Wallets, Smart lost & found system etc. Smart living will also allow the residents to have a citizen portal to record their complaints and suggestions to Command & Control centre if required.



All these features make a smart city different from an ordinary housing society. These Smart Features are what you should be looking for when investing in a smart city.


What else do you think should be added in the Smart Features of the Smart City?


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