Pakistan 75th Independence Day with TrustMark - Trust Mark

On 14th of August, the entire nation celebrates the independence of Pakistan with full zeal and zest and remembers the sacrifices and hardships faced by our ancestors to make us free and gift us this freedom and a beautiful country in a silver platter. 14th August holds a great significance in the history of Pakistan and on this Independence Day, our beloved country will turn 75 years old. 75 years of freedom, 75 years of struggle towards becoming a better nation and 75 years of making a mark in the world. Like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said in his speech that “There’s no power that can undo Pakistan” and this is quite evident with all the hardships and down times this country has seen, it is still standing strong and tall and astonishing the world because Pakistan is not just any country but a country that struggled for decades freedom, that has the blood of its people into making it and that is loved by all its people no matter where they are in the world. in accordance to independence day, the celebrations take place all around the country as well as in foreign countries by overseas Pakistanis.

This year, TrustMark Real Estate & Marketing celebrated the spirit of Independence Day with the entire team at DHA 2, Islamabad Office. The celebrations commenced with the recitation of Quran followed by the national anthem. Then, the senior members of team TrustMark quoted their thoughts about 14th august and how we as Pakistanis can make efforts to be good citizens.

Sales Manager, Mr. Saqib Baig mentioned how we can make a difference and bring about change if we start from ourselves and as Pakistanis should really be working at our own, individual level to strive and endeavor towards making change in our surroundings.

Moreover, Re-sales Manager, Mr. Syed Rahat appreciated the team and their efforts into planning and organizing the event, in addition, he also mentioned that as being an essential asset to the country, how youth can really make this country proud in the world.

This speech was then followed by the Speech of Mr. Ramiz Shaukar, Director of TrustMark who made sure to motivate the team towards being better citizens and every person, in their own capacity is working towards the betterment of Pakistan. Moreover, he also mentioned that no matter which industry one is working from, your determination and honesty towards your work will always end up into making your nation thriving and prosperous.  Then, Chairman TrustMark addressed the team and appreciated their work and made a dua for the better future of the country.

Towards the end of the event, a cake cutting ceremony took place followed by some national song sang by the team members. The event really gave out positive energy and reflected the love of Team TrustMark with Pakistan.



14th August should always be celebrated with full enthusiasm to keep the love for the country alive in our hearts despite anything. TrustMark Real Estate & Marketing has always loved the country and continues to celebrate Pakistan.