Nova City Islamabad Dedicated Interchange Approval - Trust Mark


Nova City Islamabad is a state-of-the-art housing project with strategic planning and development that grabs the attention of numerous investors. Nova City Islamabad is a NOC Approved housing project located in the serenity of Federal Capital of Pakistan. Nova City Islamabad has gained a lot of fame in real estate market due to its deluxe and lavish infrastructure in accordance with affordable prices. And yet again, Nova City Islamabad managed to amaze the real estate market with another great achievement of Dedicated Interchange Approval.

Nova City Islamabad Motorway Interchange:

Nova City Islamabad had applied for the approval of its dedicated interchange located on Motorway (M-14). Finally, after a thorough inspection, a long and lengthy process of NOC approval came in on the 27th of July, 2022. The NOC for the dedicated interchange is approved by National Highway Authority (NHA) and Motorway police, who have given the permission to Nova City Islamabad for the construction of an interchange located on Motorway.

Nova City Islamabad Dedicated Interchange Location:

Nova City Islamabad got its NOC approved for the dedicated interchange on M-14. It is going to be from Hakla along the Dera Ismail Khan route on Motorway (M-14). The construction of the dedicated interchange will make Nova City Islamabad to redefine accessibility and will also add great worth to the society.

 Advantages of Dedicated Interchange:

The dedicated interchange is being built for the sole purpose of making the society more accessible and within the reach of as many people and places as possible within a short period of time. In addition, Nova City Islamabad Dedicated Interchange will also add up to the worth of the society and will result in great profits for the investors in the near future.



Nova City Islamabad is an innovative and luxurious housing project that keeps the ease of its investors and residents as the top priority. Hence, to make the society easily accessible, Nova City Islamabad decided to construct a dedicated interchange on Motorway and make the society easily accessible for all. It is a good news for Nova City Islamabad and its investors for getting the NOC Approval of its long awaited dedicated interchange.