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New Metro City Gujar Khan is brilliantly planned, extravagant housing project located adjacent to GT Road. New Metro City Gujar Khan is being built and developed by the renowned development group called BSM Developers who will make sure to deliver this brilliantly designed society as promised. The society has been booming ever since its pre-launch rates were released but the files were still not available in hand. But are they available now?

Are files available now?

Ever since the bookings begun, the clients were coming up with concerns of not receiving the files upon booking rather an invoice/receipt from the society was given. But now, New Metro City Gujar Khan has delivered the files for all the plot sizes available to its authorized sales partners. The value of files after booking holds great importance as it is a proof of your payment and your ownership of the property. In case of booking from any realtor, the investor does not receive the file, it is important and the foremost responsibility of the investor to inquire and make sure that they are not getting scammed at the hands of the realtor.

File Verification System:

New Metro City Gujar Khan has especially launched a verification number for the convenience and ease of the investors. The number is available within the file that one receives after the down payment; the number is easily reached through whatsapp. The process of file verification is as follows;

  • Save the WhatsApp number given in the booked file
  • Make sure a currency note is attacted to the file
  • Send the serial number present on the currency note on the saved WhatsApp number
  • Wait for the verification

A simple and easy process of file verification can save you from facing any inconvenience or scam and make your investment completely safe and secure.

New Metro City Gujar Khan puts the safety and security of its investors and their investment as the top priority. Hence, a verification number is given to make sure your money is going into the right hands.


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