Capital Smart City Educational District - Trust Mark

Capital Smart City is first of its kind in Pakistan. It offers numerous facilities within the premises for its residents to be accommodated from. Capital Smart City has some distinct features that make it unique from any other housing project of the city and one of these features also include a separate block dedicated to just educational institutes. Capital Smart City has a separate Educational District that does not just have a few schools and colleges but it has a whole block made just for the educational purposes.

Capital Smart City Educational District is a huge block that will have well-reputed and well-famed schools of the country, these smart school will have smart features like school bus tracking systems, Students database and parent-teacher interaction all available in just a click on the smart app of Capital Smart City.

Another, exciting news for the residents of Capital Smart City is that the two most prestigious universities in the country have signed an MOU with Capital Smart City and will be built in it soon. These universities are NUTECH and NUML, two of the very well-known and high educational standard universities that will make sure the quality education of your children. Two other international universities are also in talks with the Capital Smart City to open their campuses for the excellence and quality future for your children.

Capital Smart City does not compromise on the quality of the features and facilities that its providing to and surely no compromise on the education and grooming of the future generation.