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Bahria Town Peshawar



Bahria Town Peshawar is a highly anticipated real estate project that is expected to be launched in August 2023 exact launch date will be announced very soon. The project is located in a prime location in Peshawar and is being developed by a reputable developer. Bahria Town is a well-known real estate developer in Pakistan and has successfully developed several other projects in Pakistan, including Bahria Town Islamabad and Bahria Town Karachi.

The project is a great investment opportunity for those looking to buy property in Pakistan. The project is well-planned and has all the amenities that one would expect from a modern housing society. The location is also very convenient, as it is close to Peshawar city. DHA Peshawar already established as notable real estate project in the area, the presence of Bahria Town Peshawar can further boost the city’s real estate market and contribute to its overall economic growth.

Bahria Town Peshawar

Owner and Developers:

Bahria Town Peshawar is developing by Bahria Town Pvt Ltd. the largest privately held real estate development company in Pakistan owned by Malik Riaz Hussain (The Tycon of Real Estate Industry). The developers of the housing society are very popular due to delivered and delivering brilliant and outstanding projects in most of the major cities of Pakistan.

Malik Riaz Hussain is indeed the founder and chairman of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. He played a significant role in establishing and developing the company, which has become one of the leading private real estate developers in Pakistan. His vision and efforts have been instrumental in shaping Bahria Town’s projects across the country.

His son, Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik, has been involved in the company’s operations and management and is known to hold the position of Chief Executive. Under their leadership, Bahria Town has undertaken various residential and commercial projects in major cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Nawabshah.

Bahria Town’s projects are renowned for their modern amenities, well-planned infrastructure, and attractive locations, making them popular choices for potential residents and investors alike.

Mailk Riaz Hussain

Bahria Town Peshawar NOC Status:

There is no official information regarding the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Bahria Town. Once the project is launched, the legal status of the society will be revealed.

The credibility of Malik Riaz Hussain and Bahria Town is very good because they already delivered so many projects in Pakistan and it is expected that Bahria Town Peshawar will get the NOC approval form concerned authortities.


Bahria Town Peshawar Location:

The location of Bahria Town Peshawar is expected to be located at Warsak Road near DHA Peshawar. The project will be easily accessible from other parts of the country via major landmarks and roads such as:

  • M-1 Motorway: This is a major highway that connects Peshawar with Islamabad. It is expected to provide easy access to Bahria Town Peshawar from other parts of the country.
  • Charsadda Road: This is a major road that connects Peshawar with Charsadda. It is expected to provide easy access to Bahria Town Peshawar from the eastern part of the city.
  • Peshawar Northern Bypass: This is a major bypass that connects the M-1 Motorway with the GT Road. It is expected to provide easy access to Bahria Town Peshawar from the northern part of the city.
  • GT Road: This is a major highway that connects Peshawar with Rawalpindi and Lahore. It is expected to provide easy access to Bahria Town Peshawar from the southern part of the city.
  • Peshawar Ring Road: This is a major ring road that encircles Peshawar. It is expected to provide easy access to Bahria Town Peshawar from all parts of the city.

The location of Bahria Town Peshawar is also expected to be close to several other major landmarks, such as the Peshawar Zoo, the Peshawar Museum, and the Khyber Pass. These landmarks are expected to add to the value of property in Bahria Town Peshawar and make it a desirable place to live.

Bahria Town Peshawar Location

Bahria Town Peshawar Map:

The project has a planned community in Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan. The map shows the location of the project. It is a major development project that has the potential to transform Peshawar into a modern and sustainable city.


Bahria Town Peshawar can be accessible by:

  • M-1 Motorway
  • Charsadda Road
  • Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • GT-Road
  • Peshawar Ring Road

Bahria Town Peshawar Master Plan:

Bahria Town is known for providing modern living amenities and luxurious housing options in various cities in Pakistan. The master plan for Bahria Town Peshawar is still under development, but it is expected to offer a wide range of amenities and features that are not currently available in Peshawar